Your first steps with Bitcoin

Starting with bitcoin is exciting and maybe you feel like having your first driving lesson. In the beginning you feel slightly overwhelmed but soon your confidence will grow 🙂
So don’t worry and let’s gets started, it’s an enlightening journey to learn about bitcoin!

How it all began –  Bitcoin Whitepaper

Bitcoin was created by a anonymous internet user with the name Satoshi Nakamoto. He issued a white paper in which he explained how bitcoin would work. The whitepaper was well received by experts and soon the Bitcoin network started growing. 

Your First Wallet

We can recommend the following wallets for beginners:

Dollar Cost Average – Buy & Hold

What happens if you buy and hold bitcoin over the long term? If you bought just $50 every week for 7 years and would have started 7 years ago you would be a millionaire today. 

Sounds good? Learn more about DCA ->


Why Bitcoin? Interview with Stephan Livera

Stephan livera is host of one of the most recommended bitcoin podcasts and has interviewed the top bitcoin experts from around the globe. In this interview he shares secrets learned from the brightest bitcoiners.