To buy bitcoin in Cluj-Napoca now got even easier. With the Moonzebra Bitcoin ATM you can buy or sell Bitcoin easily and instant. No need to wait lines or sign up. In order to purchase bitcoin you just have to visit our ATM at Demmer’s Teehaus at Piata Unirii 9. Enter you bitcoin address and insert your money. After you press buy, bitcoin will be sent to your wallet immediately using high priority fees. Compliance verification starts at 10.000EUR and each bitcoin address can receive up to 10.000 RON worth of bitcoin before document check is required.

Our fees and rates are adjusted daily to give you the best rate in town. Whether you want to buy bitcoin in Cluj or sell bitcoin, we serve your needs with our Bitcoin ATM centrally located directly in the old town. Come and check it out and if you have any questions just reach out to our friendly support.

We’re looking forward to welcome you as a client.

Where to buy bitcoin in Cluj-Napoca

You can buy bitcoin in many places but when in Cluj, the best place is Demmer’s Teehaus at Piata Urinii 9. The location is super central and easy to reach. When you enter the shop, the Bitcoin ATM is on the left hand in the corner and welcomes your bitcoin buys or sells. If you have to wait for a withdrawal you can use the time to shop some wonderful teas, have a cold drink or enjoy the oldtown outside.

Other places to buy Bitcoin in Cluj are of course available. There is one ATM of at central mall and at VIVO! Cluj. Further you can look on and chose the closest ATM with the best rates. 

If you are to tired to go outside, then you could buy bitcoin online. Just click on the Menu to buy bitcoin and you will receive a form where you can purchase bitcoin with your credit card. So you don’t have to leave Cluj or even your house.

Enjoy and #stacksats